The10 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2022

Posted on Jun 15, 2022
Digital Marketing Tools

The digital world has become more and more popular with the advancement of technology. In today’s world, digital marketing dominates. Is it something you’re familiar with? Using digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and many other ways, digital marketing is carried out. Nevertheless, digital marketing must be managed properly in order to be effective. This strategy can be executed seamlessly with the help of Best digital marketing tools, so here are some of the best digital marketing tools for 2022.

List of Best Digital Marketing Tools

1. SEMrush

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Your SEO strategy can be improved with SEMrush, one of the Best Digital Marketing Tools. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing keyword research, tracking your position, or building backlinks, SEMrush can assist you in every aspect. Also, you will be able to perform a comprehensive SEO audit with the help of this tool. Using this tool, you can also perform a comprehensive SEO audit and count website pages. Content writing and advertising have been enhanced in the latest version of SEMrush.

There are two subscription options available with SEMrush, free and paid. You will be limited in the features you can access with a free account. To experience the best features of SEMRush, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

2. Google Analytics

Best Digital Marketing Tools

One of the  Best Digital Marketing Tools for conducting website analyses is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an essential tool for digital marketing these days, so having an understanding of it is crucial. You can use it to determine where and from whom people are coming to your website. 

As you can see on which pages your audience spends the most time, you can adjust your marketing accordingly. As well as this, Google Analytics also allows you to track conversions and enhance your ecommerce setup by setting up goals.

3. Google AdWords

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Google AdWords offers a great option for advertising your business through search results. It is based on a pay-per-click model. It is possible to research what keywords to add to your content using the Google Keyword Planner of AdWords. It is possible to set a budget limit for Google AdWords in order to restrict the amount you spend.

When it comes to displaying your products or services on Google search results pages for specific queries, AdWords is an optimal option. If someone searches for “the best acting studio in UK”, they’ll find millions of results. Two methods are available for gaining traffic, the first is organic growth through SEO, and the second method is through paid search.

The keyword should appear at the top of the page. By doing this, you will be able to attract more visitors with high intent to your website.

4. Canva

Best Digital Marketing Tools

For creating professional graphics, Canva is the best tool. With Canva, you can enhance your design experience whether you’re creating social media images, call-to-action buttons, or infographics. You can choose from a huge selection of templates, clipart, and fonts to make your project stand out from the crowd. Canva offers a drag and drop design platform that takes the work out of designing.

5. Sotrender

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Sotrender delivers a comprehensive view of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube engagement and metrics from sources like AI and reliable data. Depending on the tool, you can check such things as reach, engagement, user demographics, sentiment for the comments, and content overview. Data is presented in readable, easy-to-understand graphs that make it easy for you to communicate with your team or boss about your social media results.

Sotrender lets you track competitors’ social KPIs – both organic and paid – as benchmarking is also a key component of data-driven marketing. Additionally, you can discover how much money competitors spend on advertisements and what their campaigns are aiming for in Sotrender Ads. These stats are definitely valuable to your marketing strategy. Last, but not least, Sotrender can produce quick, comprehensive reports in a matter of minutes.

6. ProofHub

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Bringing all team members, clients, and stakeholders onto the same platform, ProofHub is an affordable, powerful project management and collaboration tool.

 A suite of advanced features under one virtual roof let you manage all your work in one place and collaborate with others. It’s easy to plan and execute your projects with ProofHub thanks to its easy-to-use tools for organizing and tracking tasks, tracking time, managing digital files, and communicating. On any device connected to the internet, you can access the mobile app version and manage your work from anywhere. Teams and businesses on a budget will appreciate the affordable, flat-rate pricing plans.

7. Mail Chimp

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Mail Chimp is a tool for automating email campaigns that can help your business. You can create an email campaign using this tool after gathering all your email contacts into one place. With Mail Chimp, you can also target specific users with personalized emails using a segmentation tool. Additionally, you can create landing pages, create targeted ads, and send postcards using this tool.

8. Hootsuite

Best Digital Marketing Tools

You can manage your social media accounts easily with Hootsuite if you are looking for a social media management solution. The team members can access your content 24/7 via a cloud system, which allows them to post social media content 24/7. You can schedule multiple posts using this tool along with keywords and tags that you have developed.

Your social media content can even be tracked through this tool. Your brand can be calculated using ROI and conversions.

9. Placeit

Best Digital Marketing Tools

The Placeit platform is a great tool for creating branding designs! You can create eye-catching images with more than 50K templates and a growing library of designs made by professionals every day.

In minutes, you can create everything from logos and videos to branded images for your social media campaign. Professionally produced videos will make your campaigns look eye-catching, since they are created by a professional team. Upon completing the customization process, you will be able to download the template.


Best Digital Marketing Tools

Yoast facilitates the creation of content in WordPress by acting as a plugin. It has been ranked as one of the Best Digital Marketing Tools to optimize SEO rankings in your content. To enhance your website’s ranking, it helps you choose content, focus keywords, internal links, etc. Furthermore, Yoast’s readers score also aids in optimizing a website by assessing the readability of the page.

It is also an advantage to use Yoast since it automatically updates itself in accordance with Google’s algorithm.

The Most Important Takeaway

SEO tools like SEMrush are among the best tools every digital marketer should have in their tool box. SEMrush can help you with keyword research, position tracking, and backlinking, among other things.

Using ProofHub is your best option if you are looking to execute an inbound marketing strategy. The tool allows you to create web forms and pop-up forms, among other things.

You can analyze your website with Google Analytics, one of the best tools available.

Using Google search results to advertise your business using AdWords is a great move.

A professional graphic can be created easily with Canva. You can create social images, CTA buttons, or infographics with Canva, an online design tool that can enhance your design experience.

You can automate email campaigns with Mail Chimp, which is an important online tool for marketing via email.

For social media management, Hootsuite is the perfect tool. Schedule multiple posts at the same time using this software.

By adding Yoast to WordPress, you can improve the readability of your website.


You can improve your understanding of and management of your digital marketing campaigns with these tools. You should know though that most of them are paid, even though some of them offer free trials. However, the investment is well worth it. See more about these tools from us to get a better understanding of the domain. By combining the most intricate concepts with industry-relevant applications, you will be able to grasp the most complex concepts. 

We hope you have learned something new from our blog about Best Digital Marketing Tools. Let us know if you have any questions!

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