How To Do Skyscraper Technique for Link Building in 2022

Posted on Apr 06, 2022
Skyscraper Technique for Link Building

Imagine you are on a series of tasks to be accomplished during a particular season. To rescue the business from losses, the experts consider utilization of tactics and business strategies, win the competition, and stay ahead. Link building is also something similar, where the tactics you adopt to gain an edge over the competition is the methodology that can let your business success rates be improved. 

Earlier, SEO profile creation and directory submission sites used to be the only ways to build backlinks and enhance business growth with off-page SEO techniques. High PR submission websites and Domain authority websites used to be targeted for making article submission to build organic traffic, better backlinks, and rank in the SERPs. Making blogs interactive through blog commenting also used to be a great source of generating SEO and start building backlinks to the websites.

Now, another breakthrough is the Skyscraper Technique which can build links to your site and thereby contribute to the high business success rates. If you wonder why it is known as the skyscraper technique, it is because usually, people prefer the tallest skyscraper while considering a city landscape. Similarly, when you peep into the SERP landscape, then people would prefer the relevant and the best content. Let’s have a sneak peek at the skyscraper technique for link building strategy, and discuss its operations in detail.

What is the Skyscraper Technique?

As discussed, the skyscraper technique refers to the link-building technique you can utilize with an effective strategy to improve the already existing link-worthy content and reproduce the backlinks.

This is how the skyscraper SEO technique works explained in a nutshell:

  • Get a content piece that has many backlinks and is relevant;
  • Create something unique and better from it;
  • Let those linking to the original post be linked to your high-quality content instead.

The skyscraper SEO technique was invented by Brian Dean. Dean from Backlinko used this link building tactic to multiply the traffic to his website and repeatedly applied it, to improve success also for his clients. Due to the supreme “wow” factor of this technique, and the impact that it creates in improving the quality of website traffic, Dean tagged it to be known as  “The Skyscraper Technique”.

This is an SEO research technique and an awesome content-building framework that can make your website as amazing as a skyscraper across the Internet. It lets your website content become something about which everyone talks. This technique describes becoming more unique, relevant, interesting, and better than the various other similar competitor websites, on your broad topic.

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Skyscraper Technique: Success rates

Skyscraper Technique: Success rates

Dean could reap some incredible success rates with the use of this amazing technique. Out of 160 emails he sent across, an almost 11% success rate was what he could obtain, which resulted in about 17 high-quality backlinks. Though this might seem low to you, while a cold outreach method or email outreach tool is considered, it is an ideal amount, especially when usually the conversion rate is as low as almost 2 to 3%.

In 2017, Dale Cudmore, a Full-stack Developer, and a content marketing expert could make about a 6.5% success rate with this technique from the 232 emails he had sent. This could translate more than 15 links for him. But also keep a note that these links built didn’t rank for any of his target keyword. According to Ahrefs, Dale would have still required about 66 backlinks to rank for those keywords in his content.

Another use case is that Olga Mykhoparkina, who is the CMO at Chanty, tested this technique in 2017. After 40 hours of work and about 230 emails sent across, they received over 24 email reverts, 3 backlink promises which were not kept, and 0 backlinks from the outreach campaign made.

Inference? The impact of the Skyscraper technique is still unpredictable. While it is a skyscraper to some, it is a deserted land for some others. But don’t lose hope, there is some room for improvement for content strategy while using the techniques in most cases.

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How does Skyscraper Technique Work?

Here are the exact steps that give an insight into the step by step process of skyscraper technique and their operations.

Step1 : Find related content with several backlinks

Find relevant and superior content with lots of backlinks and leave chances for making successful content. If you consider Dale’s experiment, he had done this with a post on resume writing that had generated more than 519 links from almost 186 domains. While performing keyword research, Dale had found this comment with skyscraper potential. 

There are 3 ways to identify the relevant pages that have lots of links.

  • With Site Explorer

Search for a popular website and popular content from your segment on the Site explorer search. Select the brand that is famous for posting outstanding content. Choose the ‘ Best by links’ report, and get into the pages with the highest “link authority”. Filter and sort the list obtained as per referring domains, and filter for the web pages in your language.  Now, the page with above 50 referring domains being your target, be careful to select such pages only.  Also, be careful to ignore irrelevant content and homepages while searching the report.

  • With Content Explorer

Search a broad keyword or topic that is aligned with your niche into the content explorer. You can find any word or phrase mentioning web pages this way since the content explorer consists of more than a billion pages. Set a filter for referring domains to a minimum of ” 50″, and don’t forget to set the language filter to display the pages in your target language.

  • With Keyword Explorer

Search in the Keywords Explorer, with broad keywords, select a report, and set the filter as 40 for minimum keyword difficulty. Search for the relevant keyword and click the SERP dropdown bar to view the pages that are top ranking. Target to find pages with the best backlinks and opportunities to sky scrap. ie. to build top-performing content.

Step 2:  Improve the content and make something better

Once you find the content you want, the next step is to make the content better by taking care of the below aspects.

  • Length: For instance, if the content lists about 20 facts, then list more to make long-form content.
  • Freshness: If the article looks outdated, replace it with new trends, images, data, etc.
  • Design: Visual appeal is the key, change the designs and make them attractive.
  • Depth: Fill up the information and make the things more actionable without just listing things.

Unlike, the off page image submission activity, that involves leaving image linked to content, try updating your posts with new trending images. Your new content version must be of sure good length, but make sure you add value to it. For example, adding more tips or facts alone may not be more appealing to a listicle or a blog post. Some key values up to date and relevant guides, use cases, or some trends, can add more value to the existing content. Try to walk in the shoes of your customers, filled with information that genuinely contributes value to the reader and also to the Internet SEO strategy.

Step 3: Reach out to the right audience

Email outreach efforts are counted as the best way to successfully implement the skyscraper technique. However, instead of sending spam messages to every blogger familiar to you, do try reaching out to the ones who have linked to the particular content you have improved on. Since these bloggers have already linked to an article similar to your improved content, they would go for linking to a way better article.  

Paste the URL of the original piece of specific content to the Site explorer and view the backlinks report. Every link may not be made for quality prospects, some can be spam, directories, or other links. Apply language filters for your preferred language, set filters for do-follow links, one link per domain, and platform as blog articles.

Here are the core things you should keep in mind while sending an outreach email content.

  • Why do you reach them
  • Provide the link to your content
  • The reason why your content is better than what they link to currently
  • Provide a Call-to-Action (CTA) that they can use to make a link swap

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Major Tips to ace Skyscraper Techniques

Major Tips to ace Skyscraper Techniques

1. Keep in mind that this SEO technique is an advanced tool for extremely competitive keywords in a particular niche.

2. Make sure that the content is up to date, ie. Evergreen content

3. Ensure that the prominent tanking keywords you research for your website landing page are aligned with the user intent it caters to.

4. Skyscraper content may not be found in websites related to stores, mass media, and stocks, they place the SERP rankings for other reasons like brand recognition, CTR, and domain authority.

5. The content you have produced shouldn’t be just linkable, instead must be quotable. It can include research data, unique experiences, or a case study.

To build the targeted audience, the efforts are not limited to the infographic submission, instead be sure you update the content with relevant and modern skyscraping strategies. Be sure about the publishing dates, if an old blog or article is high-ranking content, then it means that it might contain some sort of outdated content, or even that the blog topic needs certain developments you can make to bring it forward. The skyscraper technique is not aimed at competing with the marketing giants, you needn’t and shouldn’t compete with them. Optimize your skyscraper webpage with the relevant keywords, and gradually you will need to build your target users and improve the brand awareness.

Wrap Up

URL submission using techniques like video submission have gained importance recently. However, skyscraper technique gas come up with growing existing content and replicating the backlinks. Let’s have a throwback at what we have learned about the magical effect of the Skyscraping technique in building business success, and gather the most important points about the process:

1. Identify the highest performing content in SERPs for relevant keywords.

2. Get an overview of the publishers that link to the specific pieces of content you target.

3. Build a better content piece that can outweigh the weaknesses of the content.

4. Reach out to every publisher who currently links to the targeted piece of informational content and propose your value-rich article instead.

The skyscraper technique and its demand for exclusive link builder methods are highly soaring.  More SEO firms and digital marketers have been trying to build better content by earning backlinks and unveiling its potential to the fullest through ‘Skyscraping’ apart from the popular link submission techniques like pdf submission. With skyscraping, you can build amazing content with content creation strategies by targeting the existing content with tons of backlinks and making an efficient outreach to build quality links to your website.