How to Build Backlinks with Advanced Guest Blogging Techniques

Posted on Nov 09, 2022
backlink database

Over time, content marketing has advanced. Today, content marketers have a plethora of digital tools at their fingertips to produce excellent content. It is imperative to create a strong content marketing strategy that marketers can utilise to leverage for online growth. You can use tools to retrieve the backlink database of your competitors. You can find backlinks of guest blogging, which is available for free of cost and is a very effective SEO strategy. 

Guest blogging is an important tool for businesses and individuals to promote themselves as industry leaders, form partnerships with other influencers, and expose their brands to a wider range of potential buyers.

What is Guest Blogging?

Blogging on your website is a brilliant idea. It fleshes out your site, creates opportunities for internal links, increases the likelihood of Google ranking your site, and more. Guest blogging aims to achieve a similar strategy, namely to increase your site’s SEO, but in a somewhat different way. In short, you give another website (often with a shared audience, interest, or topic) a written piece to post on their website in return for a backlink, or a link from their site to yours. Here we are discussing the tips and strategies to build backlinks through guest blogging. 

Tips to Create Backlinks with Guest Posting

  1. Creative Blogs for Guest Blogging 

 It’s crucial to produce creative and unique material that gives readers useful information to achieve good results. Even with the finest work, you might not always get the results you were expecting. Therefore, when writing guest posts, you need to pay attention to even the smallest details. You may establish a rapport with other bloggers by employing various strategies when you write as a guest blogger. Your blog will receive more referrals as a result of this. Bloggers may additionally request further content from you or offer writing suggestions. Never discard free professional advice.

Of course, the biggest advantage of publishing on high DA websites helps you reach a larger audience with your content. It’s a simple technique to attract more visitors. And soon they might begin returning frequently to your website in search of fresh, high-quality material, developing into devoted readers. Guest writing on websites with high  Domain authority might increase your reputation. Google will list your website in SERP if high-DA guest blogging sites accept blogs. Your credibility will grow as a result of other websites. You can get a ready to use backlink database of guest blogging sites from Google.

backlink database
  1. Post on Relevant Guest Blogging Sites 

Guest posting might take a lot of effort and time. Be picky about the websites on the backlink list database you post to. Check the domain’s DA (Domain Authority), and the PA of older posts, and make sure the site isn’t too spammy. If you want to be extra picky, look at social follower and subscriber numbers, as well as the number of comments made on posts, and choose the sites with the greatest metrics. Although you will need to create excellent content, you won’t need to publish as frequently owing to the blogs’ authority. Check the calibre of any possibility for guest blogging to make sure you’ll get the ideal outcomes.

  1. Promote Your Blogs on Guest Blogging Sites 

The majority of people are aware of tier 2 link building. It implies creating links to the pages that link to you. This provides connecting pages more authority, which means you profit more from that link. Some SEOs, site owners, and marketers shun this technique in favour of building links purely to their website, but if the Page Authority of your post remains at 1, while the Domain Authority of the site is 50, you are missing out on some major authority. By constructing a few connections to your tier 1 posts, you can raise your page authority to, and even above, the domain authority of the site. Social Media accounts are the best source to promote accounts, content, and articles and thereby build some web2.0 links. 

backlink database
  1. Monitor Progress and Invite Guest Bloggers to Your Website 

You can get a free backlink database and post on the websites available on it. However, track and evaluate the results of guest posting periodically to ensure it is effective. The analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs might become beneficial in this situation. You should emphasise the crucial metrics listed below to ensure that your efforts are successful. 

1. The traffic your website gets organically once posted.

2. The change in the website ranking of hosts when your guest post is published.

3. The number of backlinks in your guest post.

4. Guest content rank for target keywords.

5. The website traffic to your site.

 Listening to the audience’s reviews and feedback is also an excellent approach to determining the success of your guest post. The more positive comments you receive in response to your articles, the more beneficial your research will be.

  1. Create Useful Content and Add Your Links 

To be published on a high authority website, your post must provide value to its users.  When stating a fact, you must provide a link to a credible source. Include links to your blogs as well, if they are pertinent to the issue, and provide more insight.  Links in the body of the post are better for SEO than those below in the author’s bio. Most host bloggers will advise you that you can only include your link in the author bio. In that situation, try to persuade them that the link will enrich the post and benefit the readers.  

Collaborating with other bloggers will help you gain influence over a new audience. This will eventually result in new subscribers. It’s an excellent chance to showcase your relevance to new readers by delivering constructive advice that isn’t available elsewhere. Furthermore, improving your relationships with other bloggers will help you improve your content. They will make suggestions for your material, and you can explore various tactics for trying new things or finding new themes to write about.

backlink database
  1. Create Engaging and Competent Posts 

Many people assume that obtaining the best backlink database and posting on the links is sufficient. Well, the calibre of your work and writing will serve as the key determinant in this scenario. Treating it like a simple post with little depth will make it obvious that you’re only doing it for the backlink. Moreover, the site owner may decide to reject your content with no consideration for your effort. The key is to produce content that is on par with what you want to post on your website. Here are some key elements to do when guest blogging:

1. Keyword research – Do thorough keyword research and include it in the content, so that it will get more traffic and the site owner will be pleased. Moreover, it will enhance your reputation also.

2. Images – Including photos saves the site owner time, and it makes your post much more engaging for the user.

3. Formatting – If you don’t format your work, you’re simply adding to the site owner’s workload. Ensure to include headings, paragraphs, bullet points, capitalization, and other formatting elements.

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When authoritative sites link back to your site, it improves your search engine ranking significantly. Backlinking to respected sites will increase the visibility of your content, assisting Google and other search engines in indexing your blog.

Guest posting will reward you with a high-quality backlink database, increasing your credibility with Google, other search engines, and end users. The more backlinks your website has, the higher its rating on search engines. So, start contributing to various websites and gaining as many fresh backlinks as possible.