Why Backlink Profile is an Important Factor in SEO

Posted on Dec 07, 2022
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For any strong structure or building, it should have a proper backbone. Similarly, for a website to be on the Search Engine Results Page it should have a strong backlink profile. A backlink profile is the quantity, anchors and quality of a backlink database pointing to a website. It helps to elevate the ranking and credibility of a website and fuel up the website traffic to that website. Several factors contribute to the backlink profile such as dofollow/nofollow links, naked URLs, anchor text etc.,  

Why is a Backlink Profile Important?

Backlinking from the best backlink database is an off-page SEO activity that creates links from one website pointing to your website. The increase in backlinks elevates the website’s authority and reliability. However, backlinks are available from different sources and it is vital to be linked from reliable sources. Spammy and unnatural backlinks will degrade your website and eventually, your rank will drop. A backlink profile is an overview of the reliability of the sites that got linked to your site. Various factors affect the ranking of a website and let us check how it works.

What is a Good Anchor Text Ratio?

Anchor text is a critical feature of a backlink profile. It is the text that is underlined or coloured differently, showing that it is a hyperlink rather than just another piece of text.

This text is important for both users and search engines. It helps readers understand what to expect when they click a link and, for internal connections, it helps direct the flow within your website structure. 

Factors That Mention the Importance of a Backlink Profile

1. Page-Level Relevancy 

The backlink from highly relevant sites helps to enhance the ranking of a particular website. A standard measure used for SEO is linking pages to unauthorised or pages that have different niches. Such links will not help to rank and even can drop the ranking. Many tools are available to check the backlink profile. With the tools, you can check the page relevancy of all the links in your backlink database. 

2. Follow vs No-Follow Links 

Site owners can determine whether or not a certain connection passes link equity. Even though no follow links from high-quality websites can still help you build your brand, follow backlinks are considered more desirable. 

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3. Authority of Linking Domain 

Domain authority of links plays a very crucial role and it is ranked from 10 to 100. Higher domain authority means higher credibility of that link. Links from high-authority linking domains typically have greater worth (link equity) than links from spam, inactive, or low-quality websites.

Hence the best backlink database is the one with high domain authority links—the more authoritative a domain, the more frequently pages from that site score high in SERPs. As a result, more individuals will come across it and connect to it. Content with a high authority score will draw links from sites with a wide range of authority scores.

4. Linking Location 

Google also takes into account the location of your backlinks on the linked page. Is it in the text’s body or the comments section or the image’s caption? Google learns a lot about your website from the linked location. If a high-quality website’s webmaster connects to yours in the body of their post, they most likely trust your reputation. If a user links to your website in a comment on another webmaster’s blog post, Google considers that suspicious linking and will place less trust in your website.

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5. Contextual Links 

Google and other search engines do not equally weigh all links from a particular page. What is important is the context of the link. Links towards the bottom or on the outskirts of a website aren’t the most valuable in terms of SEO. Such links are frequently paid advertisements. Contextual links are more valuable in your backlink profile. 

A contextual link is just a link within the content of a page. A contextual link (which frequently includes keywords relevant to the topic matter) should ideally take a user to a website with extra information on that specific issue. There are numerous reasons why search engines favour contextual links more than others. If a user clicks on a contextual link, he will end on a page with a solution he requires. In contrast, the end to the end of a site may not provide the solution a user requires.

6. Quantity of Linking Root Domains 

A linking root domain is a single domain/URL that counts as a single link in the backlink profile of a website. For example, even if a site links back to your site numerous times, it will only be counted as one link from an SEO standpoint. Again, it’s worth remembering that sites with high authority ratings (and so rank high in SERPs) would likely get links from a variety of sources. That is, in most cases, the number of connecting root domains for a website grows as its overall SEO improves. 

However, does the linking process degrade the site? Do pages that receive a high number of linking root domains see an increase in relevant metrics as a result? To some extent, the common belief is that there is a relationship. Earning a high number of links from various root domains is significantly more important than earning a high number of links from a limited number of root domains. In general, getting more backlinks from different root domains is more beneficial than from a single root domain for SEO. Moreover, if you find it difficult to influence a backlink profile for SEO. Try achieving a free backlink database by posting valuable and beneficial content.

7. Positive Link Velocity 

Link velocity refers to the speed at which a backlink is acquired. If the link velocity is positive, then the speed acquired for linking is very slow. This may happen to owe to different reasons, one is the quality of your content is not good. Another reason is that the owner may have abandoned the backlinking campaign. Moreover, when the user of a website changes it may lose its popularity and this will lead to negative link velocity. 

However, a link with positive velocity also affects the ranking when the link is not built organically or if purchased. Additionally, Google is likely to penalize sites with a high growth velocity developed through spammy link building. But if you focus on creating a natural backlink list database, it will not affect your ranking. Also, tools are available on the market to measure the link acquired each month and whether it is natural.

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8. Linking Page Authority 

Moz created another score called Page Authority. As the name says, this score only applies to the authority of a single page, not the authority of a whole domain. This score, like Domain Authority, is best utilised as a comparison to the competitors. It’s also challenging to have an immediate influence. Yet again, the ideal method is to concentrate on boosting your overall SEO.

Another key similarity between Page Authority and Domain Authority is that it benefits when the pages that give backlinks to a page have relatively high authority scores. This contributes to “link equity” or “link juice,” a multifactor metric in which an authoritative website or domain lends greater authority to another page or domain by linking to it.

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Backlink profile analysis includes identifying toxic links and attempting to mitigate their impact. Previously, SEOs employed Google’s Disavow tool to mitigate the impact of poisonous links, but Google’s 2021 Link Spam upgrade has assisted Google crawlers in better identifying and eliminating low-quality links. While backlinks are generally beneficial, not all backlinks are created equal. Some are naturally more favourable to earn, while others should be avoided at all costs. 

The finest and ready to use backlink database comes from respected websites in your industry or those that are somehow relevant to your organisation. Understanding the backlink value influencers is critical for link building and assessing the health of your backlink profile. As a result, pay attention to the points raised and strive to build a strong backlink profile.