Free Guest Posting Sites You Should Try in 2022 With High DA

Posted on Mar 14, 2022
Free Guest Posting Sites

There are numerous ways on the internet to do Search Engine Optimization or convince the search engine’s algorithm in order to look at your site and increase its search engine ranking among the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Guest posting sites or guest blogging sites are one of those ways in which you can help your website to increase its Domain Authority (DA) and search rankings. There are several paid guest posting sites as well as free instant approval guest posting sites on the internet which allows you to publish your quality content as guest posts and receive quality backlinks which may help in the growth of your website. Now let us look at how these guest posting sites work.

The Working of Guest Posting Sites

Guest posting sites are one of the major techniques used for off-page Seo by digital marketers or experts in order to market their website or product. These websites allow you in profile creation where you can do article submission, image submission, blog commenting…etc which can in turn provide you with backlinks that may help your website in increasing its organic traffic. After successful profile creation you can post guest posts or any content related to the niche of your website or product in this website by involving the link of your website in it.

Dofollow vs Nofollow Free Guest Posting Sites

A guest posting site can provide you with two major types of backlink service which may help you in increasing the blog domain authority or your website’s blog traffic or not. They are

1. Dofollow Backlink: This type of backlink is responsible for the positive changes that occurred to your website. A dofollow backlink is a backlink that does not have a nofollow attribute in its HTML code. This link grabs the attention of the web crawler bot of the google search engine or any other search engines thereby increasing the ranking of your website or its DA. This link is the major cause of transfer of link juice from any website to yours.

2. Nofollow Backlink: A nofollow backlink is the link which does not pass any link juice from one website to another. This backlink has a ‘nofollow’ attribute in its HTML code which in turn gives information to the web crawler bot to not pass link juice from one website to another. Getting this backlink from guest posting sites does not help your website to gain an audience.

The guest posting sites or directory submission sites which provide you with dofollow backlinks are said as dofollow guest posting sites and the guest posting sites which provide nofollow backlinks are said as nofollow guest posting sites.

Step by Step Process of Guest Posting

Now let us look at the step by step procedure in guest posting. Following these steps can give you a clear cut idea about the complete process of guest posting.

1. The first and foremost step in guest posting is to determine the niche of your website. You should determine the type of content or content idea required for your website. You should also determine the target audience and the guest post opportunities before finding the topic.

2. There are several free guest posting sites which are based on several niches. You should find the list of guest posting sites which suits you the most. You can find it through a google search.

3. The next major step is to create a successful profile on the selected guest blogging sites or guest posting sites. Build an attractive profile in order to grow in building backlinks.

4. Know the guest post guidelines about your selected guest posting sites. Prepare an outline about the type of content marketing blogs and fill your blog content with keywords without stuffing it.

5. Post your quality content on the guest posting sites and make sure to follow up the latest updates by frequently replying to the comments and making your presence clear and healthy.

List Of Free Guest Posting Sites

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Benefits of Guest Posting Sites

The major benefit or merit of guest posting sites is that they provide you with a backlink profile which can give you numerous benefits. Now let us look at some of the other benefits of guest posting sites

1. Guest posting sites help in increasing the traffic of your website

By posting unique and attractive content on guest posting sites helps you in increasing the organic traffic as well as referral traffic to your website. Guest posting will help your website or businesses to gain a broader audience.

2. It helps in increasing DA and the ranking of your website in SERP

Guest posting sites are platforms which help you to get backlinks that can pass link juice to your website. This will help your website to gain daily Domain Authority (DA) and ranking in the SERP.

3. Guest posting can increase your blog audience

Guest posting popularises your personal name and blogs if they are unique and attractive. This can bring your blogs more views and worthy.

4. These platforms can be used to promote your business with zero investments

If you are a business owner or a promoter, you can promote your business with no investment using these free guest posting sites. You can publish a business blog in a related guest posting site and promote your business free of cost.

5. Guest posting sites also help you in various other processes than playing with texts

You can do social bookmarking, pdf submission, infographics submission and video submission in these sites to attract guest bloggers to your website. These websites act like social media as it allows sharing of the content of your choice and socialising. 

Like the above mentioned points, these sites can provide you with more guest posting opportunities.

Relevance of Guest Posting Sites in 2022

Guest posting is a part of an off page seo activity done by digital marketers or a social media examiner which helps to promote their website or business. As it helps to promote your website or business digitally and optimize search engines, we can say that guest posting sites play a vital role in SEO.

Guest posting is a major activity which is pretty boosted this year because of the current scenario of pandemics in the world. People have shifted from the traditional ways of marketing and promoting their business to new innovative digital ways. The increment in the use of search terms and searches in google itself is a good indicator that signifies the relevance of digital marketing in 2022. So we can say that guest posting sites are very much relevant in 2022.

Do’s and Don’ts of Free Guest Posting Sites


Do read and follow the guidelines of the guest posting sites before you start posting.

• Do link your website in the profile of guest posting sites.

• Please provide your valid details such as email, phone number…etc as it requires verification.


• Don’t stuff your posts or comments with promotional things so much. use everything for a limit only.

• Don’t use the same guest posts in every guest posting site.

• Don’t forget to write a catchy and unique bio in your profile.