Top Effective Link Building Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Posted on Dec 21, 2022
backlink database

Designing and developing websites will cost an arm and a leg, but making them visible to Search Engines is more critical. To improve SEO visibility and to rank on SERP, the site should be SEO-optimised or Search engine-optimised. On-page and Off-page SEO are the two parts of an SEO that affect the ranking. On-page SEO is making changes to the website, and off-page SEO is creating a backlink database to drive more traffic. To get a relevant backlink, creating a solid backlink strategy is vital to enhance traffic. Let’s check into a few details of backlink and the effective strategies that drive traffic.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is created when a link is catered from one website to another. Through backlink building, credibility is given to the linking website which enhances the authority of that website. By creating more backlinks, the ranking of each website increases. Above all, creating a more relevant and organic backlink list database only caters to traffic generation. Hence, don’t create spammy and paid links to increase the number rather create organic and relevant backlinks that have high Domain Authority. So creating an effective strategy that enables building organic backlinks.

What is a Backlinking Strategy? 

Certain strategies are built by SEO analysts before doing backlinking to achieve the goal. One such common practice is analysing competitors’ backlink databases using certain tools. Creating a strong backlink profile and free backlink database help to elevate rank on Google. The more authoritative and organic links your website gets, the more website traffic and higher ranks your site acquires. Google’s algorithm keeps on updating periodically and developing new and beneficial tactics and strategies is crucial for ranking.

backlink database

Effective Strategies for Backlink Building

1. Publish Quality and Link-Worthy Content 

Create and publish contents that are solid and people will link to it. Quality and link-worthy content will drive more traffic and will enhance online marketing. Digital marketers will connect a link to content that is relevant to their niches since it can elevate the ranking. Content that is linked will deliver the information and services that users are searching for. These contents either can solve a general problem or be a solution to the most common questions. Many SEO specialists create content that is worthy of links by replying to typical questions. 

2. Outreach for Backlinks 

The act of contacting a site for a backlink is known as outreach. When you generate link-worthy content, you must share it with sites you feel will profit from it. Obtaining backlinks from high-authority sites is one method of informing Google that your site is credible and has relevant content. 

Backlinks serve as “votes of confidence” from one site to another. Backlinks from other websites can also help to broaden your target demographic, bringing additional prospective clients to your website. Often, outreach consists of SEO specialists submitting articles to site editors and explaining what impact their content will have on them.

3. Create Links on Competitor’s Backlink 

Identifying who is linking to your competitors is a significant strategy. Competitor backlinks will almost probably be on sites relevant to your niche, so you know they’ll be good for SEO. Certain tools are available on the market to analyze and retrieve competitor’s backlink database. You can open the tool and type the competitor’s URL, then click Check backlinks to complete the process. The programme will audit the domain and produce a backlink profile that includes historical data, the quantity of backlinks, and the percentage of dofollow backlinks. 

backlink database

4. Employ Broken Link Building Strategy 

Broken link building is the practise of identifying backlinks that points to 404 pages on other websites, contacting those websites, and requesting to replae the 404 backlink with one that leads to a relevant page on your website. It’s an excellent approach to obtain backlinks while also providing value to the site providing the backlink. There are tools available to analyze the broken links similar to your niche. 

5. Engage with Link Building Communities 

Online social media platforms such as Facebook, Slack, and LinkedIn groups that bring communities together are types of link building communities. Content marketers assist one another by sharing links. You may use these platforms to elevate your organic traffic in a short period of time, boost AHREF domain authority, rank in targeted queries, and increase the likelihood of unique referring sites.

6. Local Business Citations 

 If you are running a local and your target audience is the people in your location then you should implement local link building. Local link building is excellent and get more traffic from users who searches for products/services in their locality. Local Business Citations are critical if you want to rank higher in local search results. Name, Address, and Phone Number are the three terms used in local citations. 

Make sure to provide the same address as on your website when building your local business citation. These reference links are vital for local rankings and assist search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) in verifying the location of your business. To create the best backlink database get links from Yelp, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Bing Local, and other similar sites. This will definitely improve your ranking and traffic to websites. 

backlink database

7. Adopt Sky-Scraper Technique 

Sky-scraper technique is very effective and rank-boosting strategy. This basically includes four steps which is considered as the key aspects for SEO ranking. 

1. Analyse the ranking content and page on SERP – A deep analysis of the top ranking pages and the contents provide an idea of the competitor’s marketing strategy. Creating content on the keywords and topics on competitors’ page without any plagiarism will elevate your website ranking. Analyzing more competitor’s will offer your more details regarding the interest of readers. 

2. Write SERP optimised content – Write contents based on topics and keyword users are searching and crate only relevant articles or blogs.

3. Create unique content – Focus on plagiarism-free content solely doesn’t help ranking but unique and highly elevants points and features is necessary. Moreover, the points shouldn’t be repeated 

4. On-page SEO – On-page SEO is more important before you starting implementing off-page SEO activities. On-page SEO includes adding Keyword to Metatitle and Metadescription, using power words to write headers, creating content with minimum of 2% density and maximum 10% density, adding relevant images, graphs, videos and gifs. Additionally, writing in passive voice is not good for ranking and also add transition words. 

5. Reach out to your competitors – After you’ve generated mind-blowing content, reach out to those who backlink to your competitors’ websites and persuade them that connecting to yours is more valuable.

8. Create Relevant and Reliable Backlinks

Different types of backlinks are available and getting reliable backlinks is necessary for ranking.

1. Relevant links – There are many ready to use backlink database, but creating relevant content according to their niches is necessary to get that backlinks. 

2. Free backlink – Paid backlinks are available on market, buying it may end in Google penalization since they are considered as Black-hat tactics. These can even degrade your website since can be removed from SERP’s anytime. But implementing guest contribution strategies, you can easily create a backlink database.

3. Healthy backlink growth – Link building in organic way is time-consuming but through guest posting it can be made fast. Additionally, it will help you generate a solid and powerful backlink database. 

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The ability to develop relationships is completely based on link building. It isn’t very scalable. You need to create relationships with people who run good websites with genuine readers if you want high-quality links. You cannot spam others with requests to publish on their page or link to you. You should maintain a mutually beneficial partnership. By selecting reliable websites with strong domain authority, you can achieve a high SEO ranking without risking future ranks.