10 Easy Link Building Strategies That Anyone Can Try

Posted on Nov 25, 2020

Link building is a pivotal element that you need to include in your SEO bracket.

With relevant and authoritative backlinks, you’ll remain in a better position to drive organic traffic and boost keyword rankings.

However, don’t worry if it’s when you plan to invest in link building. Link building is a critical strategy that has recorded significant changes over the years, and companies can use several techniques to acquire backlinks.

In this elaborate post, you’ll get updated about the easy link building strategies any individual can try. With these link building strategies, you’ll quickly earn top-ranking positions.

Let’s get started!

10 Easy Link Building Strategies

1. Useful Content Guides


Useful content should be your top priority when building quality links.

Useful content features quality content and zero grammatical issues.

A useful web page content is the one that answers the reader’s questions and provides detailed action points and guides.

You’re likely to generate more leads if you have useful web content. With this helpful content, you remain in a better position of earning high-quality links.

It’s not easy to produce guides because they need more effort.

However, with more effort, you’ll produce more useful and detailed web content than an infographic or a blog post.

To produce useful content, you need to have a detailed overview of your potential audiences’ challenges.

Also, concentrate on creating unique content. Through this, you will attract more target readers to your original content.

Finally, know how to make your web content useful. Making it actionable and outline chapters and tables of content.

2. Replace All Broken Links

Have you ever tried to follow a particular link only to get the 404 error page? If yes, then that was a broken link.

A broken link will always take the user to the dead end. No one wishes to get directed to the frustrating 404 errors.

Also, your site visibility will decrease if you have broken links. Google won’t prioritize ranking high on a site with broken links.

However, you can get backlinks from other sites by using broken links.

You can use the Dead Link Checker to replace all broken links. This checker is the most preferred because it will highlight all the broken links.

You can use various tools such as the Wayback Machine to check the page’s original content with the broken link.

3. Outreach


Mostly, outreach is the basis for excellent link building strategies. But, what does outreach mean?

Outreach refers to the place you use to access your potential audiences and update them about your content.

But, it’s not a must to have content to make this achievable.

But, it’s not a must to have content to make this achievable.

You only need to have something that you can link. These include your personality, brand, products, company, or services.

You can approach outreach in two ways.

Spray and pray is the first approach. Here, you send out email messages to all individuals who are likely to link back to your website.

Laser-targeting is the second approach. Here, you select the most appropriate outreach targets depending on their probability of linking back to your site.

Also, you can choose the right outreach targets, depending on their website authority.

The second approach is the most preferred. However, you can select any method and ensure all outreach messages generate value to the other party.

Don’t focus only on getting links because the other side is likely to ignore you in most cases.

Let the other party know what they will receive after linking back to your site. With linkable content, you remain in a better position of enjoying several outstanding benefits.

4. Relationship Building

Relationship building is another critical link building strategy you need to consider. Leveraging your relationships allows you to get connected to high-authority backlinks.

You can easily access thought leaders without considering your niche. By linking from thought leaders, you get a better way of enjoying incredibly powerful backlinks.

However, you can’t achieve your long-term goals if you focus on asking for links without providing something in return.

It’s recommended not to ask for links if you don’t offer something in return.

Let relationship building be the primary source of your link building. You only need to reach various sites and provide them with something.

5. Guest Posting


In the guest posting, you access the blogger in your field, update them about a specific idea for a blog post, create the article that includes your link, and then publish it.

This idea came into the market a long time ago, but a significant percentage of SEOs don’t do it right.

Remain strategic about guest blogging to generate more authority links. Here, you need to have clear objectives before starting the process.

Ensure that your guest blogging efforts focus on the blogs that generate more leads. 

Also, to get more links, choose blogs that can accept a guest post and where readers and owners are likely to share the guest post on various social media platforms and encourage more individuals to do so.

Maximize this strategy by ensuring that your guest post gets syndicated only on trusted channels. Through this, your web page will get exposed to individuals who are likely to link to it.

To get your guest post on the first pages of search engines, focus on publishing your content on blogs, appearing on the first pages of search engines.

Take care not to do guest blogging the wrong way because search engines can penalize your blog if this happens.

Before, choose a specific site for guest blogging, study the site’s user experience, audiences, and popular posts.

6. Mention Influencers

Mentioning influencers is tested and tried link building strategy. It’s an effective link building strategy that can help you attain your site ranking goals.

It’s rare to come across blogs referring to more popular influencers.

Remember, all individuals like getting praised. Therefore, the influencers are likely to share your blog with their followers if you write something praising them.

As a result, you’ll get more backlinks to your website, hence accessing new audiences and generating more leads.

However, you need to remain creative so that search engines cannot flag the blogs.

Also, ensure that the blogs are relevant to your brand. Remain tactical, objective, and deliberate whenever patronizing the industry influencers. Besides this, remain authentic and original whenever patronizing the industry influencers.

7. Case Studies

When you use backlink case studies the right way, you will remain in a better position of getting excellent results.

You can direct backlinks to your website by using your company’s case studies. Mostly, companies will show how audiences’/readers’ help contributed to their success.  As a result, a company is likely to share your product if it helps them achieve their goals.

Most companies will share your product because it highlights their capabilities. In return, you’ll get a more valuable backlink.

8. Resource Page Links

You will easily access resource pages for various industries on the internet. You’ll access a significant percent of these pages online without considering if you have a sports site, a charity site, or a home improvement site.

These resource pages link out to various useful sites and content in the same niche.

Resource page links are effective link building strategies because they allow you to get links from a useful, live page.

They allow you to get a link from a trustworthy site featuring excellent page authority.

The owners of these resources pages keep searching for new resources to ensure their pages remain updated and valuable for their readers.

But how can you locate resource pages that belong to your niche? Worry no more!

First, you can use Google Search Strings to identify these resources pages and links.

Also, you can make this possible with the help of a Reverse Engineer. Here, you examine the competitors’ top ranking domains to identify the resources pages and links.

Give first to increase your chances of receiving links from the desired resource pages.

You can give by building a rapport, words of appreciation, feedback on the right way to improve their site, feedback on their site layout, feedback on their site design, and more.

9. Deliver A Speech On Various Conferences And Events

You can increase your brand awareness by speaking at conferences and events.

A significant percentage of conferences have their sites, and your industry brands or bloggers can link to these conferences.

Doing this means the conference site is high-quality and the right place of receiving a backlink to your site.

This link building strategy is the perfect option for startups, trade shows, and more.

Here, identify the conference in your inch and request to be a speaker. If you receive an invitation, the site’s backlink is usually part of the message.

10. Treat Yourself As A Data Source

Most individuals prefer sharing unique data. But you can also create something unique.

By doing this, you become the primary source of that information. People will always credit you with a link all the time they use that data.

Other than this, your unique data is likely to get collected in statistical round-up articles.

You can create unique data by analyzing your niche data, developing surveys, and producing data from the feedback.

Also, you can make this possible by interviewing industry experts and sharing their responses.

Finally, you can do this by contacting the data owners and using their feedback to develop industry-related stories.

Final Thoughts

Yes, link building is a complicated process, but it delivers exceptional results when implemented correctly.

Besides this, you need backlinks to achieve your SEO goals. Search engines use backlinks to determine your site’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Therefore, without backlinks, it will be hard to rank your site high on various search engines.