Five Ways On How To Make A Link-Worthy Content

Posted on Jan 11, 2021

There exists a symbiotic relationship between links and content. Links enhance content popularity and visibility as content allures links. However, don’t expect each content to attract links because even those content that attracts links need strategic promotion to secure all those links. So, what is linkable content? Here is the answer:

What Is A Linkable Content?


The internet features various types of content. These include case studies, eBooks, white papers, listicles, blog posts, photographs, articles, videos, and more. However, not all content is linkable.

Each content serves a unique purpose, like creating awareness, delivering educational information, and more. Therefore, if your marketing strategy includes links, then you should create content that can secure backlinks.

Don’t focus only on creating content. You can’t only curate the content and wait for the links. You need to take an extra step and create a link strategy.

Before creating linkable content, you must know why visitors link to the website. After this, ask yourself why each audience needs to read the content you plan to create.

Use the answer to run your desired content promotion strategy.

What Are The Elements Of A Linkable Content?

Mostly, people link to unique, valuable, useful, insightful, or entertaining content. Besides this, people connect to specific content because of site reputation, publisher reputation, and brand reputation.

Google puts links into consideration when ranking your website because links serve as signals of trust. Google uses links for website ranking purposes because most individuals always link to trustable online authorities.

Besides this, authoritative websites feature higher visibility and larger audiences, making it hassle-free to acquire links. You should create a strategy to access another individual’s audiences to make your link developing strategy hassle-free for relatively unknown sites.

As a result, some percentages of content designs are more linkable compared to other portions. The more linkable content is easy to cite, reference, and endorse. So, which are these types of linkable content?

Let’s see!

Types Of Linkable Content

Original Research


Most marketers are after credible insights, statistics, and facts to get more information about their area of specialization and get more updated about the trends and bolster their web content. Therefore, original research remains to be a link-attracting and compelling piece of content.

There are several pivotal guidelines you should follow to put together accurate research. For example, consider collecting enough samples relating to your survey to ensure you put together only the findings that represent your area of specialization accurately. Never focus on collecting limited samples from the individuals you know.

Besides this, say no to open-ended questions whenever conducting your research. You should follow this path because your primary focus is on collecting quantitative findings. For each curated content, ensure you have a powerful amplification strategy on the table that will drive awareness.

With these steps, you’ll end putting together useful and fresh research that will provide insight and value to your audiences. Furthermore, with this research, sources citing your research are likely to link to it, boosting your rankings and inbound links.



Readers and sources don’t rely only on original research to get reliable and new insights to deliver their stories. Visuals need engaging ways like infographics that allow them to digest several pieces of information simultaneously. Infographics fall under the category of linkable assets that readers and sources depend on to deliver their stories.

Besides being loaded statistics, quotes, and more, infographics also host several pieces of crucial details without overwhelming your potential audiences. The significant percentage of helpful insights explain why most websites are likely to link to an attractive infographic compared to a text-filled white paper.

After conducting original research, creating an infographic is the next crucial step to take. Curating an infographic facilitates promotion or allows you to receive other critical insights from the research report. However, you can curate infographics from trustworthy resources representing data, quotes, and statistics in new and visual ways.

Consider going through the existing content to get repurposing opportunities so that you can curate infographics that are useful and valuable for sources and readers. For instance, you can take a top-performing blog post and transform it into infographics for hassle-free wins.

Besides this, you can check trustworthy sources featuring data points that support the sharable takeaways and tips and then transform them into engaging graphics. Always ensure that the sources include information and facts that your audiences need. Also, ensure the amplification strategy is on standby.

Online Tools And Resources

You can earn inbound links by ensuring your readers have access to useful online resources or tools. You’re likely to capture more inbound links if you have several ‘bookmark-able resources.


Rankings also fall under the category of useful, linkable content. Most people will always want to follow the best individuals on LinkedIn. These individuals will also desire to know the best strategies for generating leads or top-notch employee advocacy tools. Creating a ranking is an excellent way that allows you to offer these recommendations.

You’re likely to earn more links and get your site ranked high if your content shares useful must-know information. Always set a methodology or process before curating your rankings. Ensure each of your choices has clear rationales. Through this, your potential link sources and readers will understand easily attained your site ranking decisions, improving your credibility. Don’t launch these choices if you don’t have an amplification plan.

Tutorials And Guides

Tutorials and guides can also help you in receiving a lot of attention from various web sources. As a result, these are helpful links you need to include in your content.

Five Ways On How To Make A Link-Worthy Content

Focus On Being A Thought Leader

Yes, you may not be amongst these types of leaders, but it’s still the right time to start curating content like a thought leader.

Focus primarily on the things that can make you emerge the best. Penetrate the audience’s heads, and curate quality content like a professional in your field can do.

Remain confident because you understand your stuff clearly than any other person. Approach and demonstrate it confidently.

Be original so that you can curate link-worthy content. Never rewrite the old, boring ideas.

Besides this, focus on being authentic. Be you and show some personality as your focus on curating useful content.

People don’t like boring individuals. So be interesting by demanding the audiences’ attention using your original information and insights.

By being a thought leader, you stand in a better position of earning higher brand exposure and search visibility.

Expert Roundup

Expert roundup content involves influencers and peers, allowing you to curate linkable assets. However, you must set aside much of your time if you want to curate a top-notch expert roundup.

When creating an expert roundup, ask yourself how SEO will change, the right way to improve your SEO, and the perfect tools to use for SEO.

Also, you should find worthy experts. You can find these people on expert roundup articles, social networks, or by contacting your experts on Twitter, email.

Collaborating With Another Brand

The current world is all about the people you know. As a result, you’re likely to ask yourself if there is a need to work hand-in-hand with another brand.

But, yes, you need to collaborate with another brand. By doing this, you will allow a new audience or community to access your content. It’s the perfect opportunity to share your favorite link.

When you share your link with another brand, it means you direct paid amplification into your contacts. As a result, the two parties contribute an equal amount to paid amplification.

By contributing to the paid amplification, you utilize different potential audiences with your content native ads, social ads, and syndication partnerships.

Develop A Resource Center

Besides publishing and marketing your content, you should also arrange it in a way that attracts your potential audiences and new visitors. With the help of a content resource center, you’ll find a hassle-free way of making this a reality.

It’s challenging for other individuals to create checklists, case studies, guides, whitepapers, and webinars. Here, they can decide to link to your web content resource center and save the time and money they would have used to create new content.

There are two primary resource pages you can consider in this case. These include Tried and True resource pages and Fresh and Bold resource pages. Tried and true resources pages appear on competitor sites, while new and bold resource pages update you more about the things taking place in your area of specialization.

Include Visual Content

Here, you should include data visualizations, pictures, infographics, and GIFs while telling your story. Visual content should be your top priority if you’re after a significant percentage of social network backlinks and shares. Also, with this visual content, you can boost your online interaction or online growth.

For compelling images, ensure that you include image quotes, emotion-evoking images, and puzzle and question images. Also, include slides and presentations, screenshots, memes, and memes.

If you execute it properly, visual content can receive a significant percentage of links and get shared by your audiences on various social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

A link-worthy content is a ranking factor that’s capable of skyrocketing your business. Besides this, you need to focus on link-worthy content because search engines use links to determine your site’s ranking and crawl your website pages.

Moreover, link-worthy content allows you to earn several links from time to time. With this content, you will build robust connections on all sides of your community. It’s the right path to follow if you want the thought-leadership position.