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Posted on Jul 05, 2021
Instant approval blog commenting sites

What Are Blog Commenting Sites?

Blog commenting sites are one of the best off-page SEO activities which helps to get quality backlinks or inbound links free of cost like profile creation websites. It is one of the best ways to make your blogs interactive. You can get great traffic to your website by leaving valuable blog comments on other blogs with higher domain authority. It is a simple and effective technique of blog comments with relevance. This is one of the basic methods to online reputation for your website

Working Of Blog Commenting Sites

working of blog commenting

There are lots of instant approval blog commenting sites list available on the search engine easily, but before finding the sites you should know about how blog commenting works but don’t worry, it is not a rocket science. It is very easy to understand. Blog commenting is an advantageous SEO technique and a digital strategy which helps you to create quality backlink from the blog you post your valuable comment. This helps your website to increase its search engine ranking and search engine traffic. You can comment on other blog posts using your name, your blog post URL and your email in the website option. More comments grabs the attention for the blog and blog owners which help in increasing search engine ranking. This will help you with high-quality backlink for your website.

Importance Of Blog Commenting

importance of blog commenting

There are best instant approval blog commenting sites list which can help your blog. Blog commenting is an important part of Search Engine Optimization which will help you to overcome the traffic on SERPs. Blog commenting can help you to grab the attention of the search engine algorithms. This part of SEO tactics is very important because of the following reasons :

1. INCREASES BLOG TRAFFIC: Blog commenting in a blog post makes it attractive. If your comment is valuable and striking, the readers will check on your website thereby increasing your referral traffic.

2.PROVIDES YOU WITH AUTHORITY BACKLINKS: Blog commenting in a blog post makes it attractive. If your comment is valuable and striking, the readers will check on your website thereby increasing your referral traffic.

How To Find  Best Blog Commenting Websites?

You can find instant approval blog commenting sites list searching in google. You can find the best blog commenting sites with higher Domain Authority by searching in google. There are certain types of search queries which help you to find best blog commenting websites related to your niche. It is best for you if you involve your niche related keywords in search. The best format for these search queries are as follows

Niche related keyword + “leave a comment”

Niche related keyword + “submit  comment”

Using these queries helps you to find the best related blog posts of successful bloggers related to your niche. This is an amazing digital strategy that will lead you to get quality backlinks from quality sites and thereby increasing direct traffic.

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

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Types Of Backlinks Provided By Blog Commenting Sites

types of blog commenting sites

The backlinks provided by blog commenting are of two types. They are :

1.Dofollow Links

The dofollow backlink or do-follow backlinks can be said as the type of backlink which passes link juice from authority sites to your website. The dofollow profile type backlink can help your website to increase ranking on keywords and organic traffic of your website.

2.Nofollow Links

The nofollow link comes with a nofollow code in its HTML tag. The search engine bots do not count this link while crawling over your website. This type of link does not pass link juice to your website.

Free blog commenting sites help to pass link juice only through dofollow backlinks. This will help to increase your search engine rank and website traffic.

Step By Step Process In Blog Commenting

● Find blogs relevant to your niche created by professional bloggers.

● Create perfect comments along with your website URL or link from blog.

● Post your comment. Try to make it very natural by involving natural content and don’t forget to involve necessary keywords.

● check the nature of the natural backlink you received.

Benefits Of Using Blog Commenting Sites

● There are many advantages in using blog commenting sites. They are:

● Blog commenting sites help to increase the Alexa ranking which is an indispensable part of site analytics

● helps to increase the Page Ranking (PR) and Domain Authority (DA) of your website

● Blog Commenting sites helps to increase the referral traffic or direct traffic to your website.

● provides you with a quality link which helps you to increase the keyword ranking of your website.

● These sites are one of the white hat SEO tools which helps in your blog promotion

The Relevance Of Blog Commenting Sites In 2021

relevance of blog commenting

Blog commenting is an effective technique and a part of off-page SEO activities as it helps your website to optimize the search engine, boost SEO & website traffic. With the advancement of technology around the world and outbreak of covid-19 in 2020 most of the people around the world began using the internet and smartphones. This has resulted in a huge increment in the number of searches on google per day. As a result there is a need to optimize the search engine favourable for your website and keywords. So we can say that blog commenting sites are an off-page SEO technique which are very much relevant in 2021.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Blog Commenting Sites

There are certain things that you should do and certain things that you should not do while blog commenting . They are : 

Do’s Of Blog Commenting Sites

1.You should read the blog carefully before commenting

2.Try to comment genuinely without using spam comments

3.Put quality comments with relevant content regularly 

4.Reply to the incoming comments on time

5.Comment with respect to blog owners and try to use good language

Don’ts Of Blog Commenting Sites

1.Don’t comment on everything you see. Comment only on relevant blog posts with quality content related to your niche.

2.Don’t comment very short. Try to involve good content inside every sentence.

3.Don’t use spam commenters to get backlinks . anti spam plugin in the blog commenting sites filter it out and your comments will not accomplish your purpose.

4.Don’t be late to the replies for your comment

5.Don’t use personal emails in commenting.

Best Practices In Blog Commenting Sites

1.It is best advised to comment on blog posts which have a blog connection with your niche.

2.Try to use genuine basic details of your website while commenting such as email address, name..etc

3.Closely understand the blog posts before commenting.

4.Try to comment uniquely and not for the sake of backlinks.

5.Try to comment on blog posts as early as you can.

6.Follow the blog commenting sites with DA regularly so that you can comment early.