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Posted on May 26, 2021
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What is Social Bookmarking?

A process through which a website page is tagged with a browser based tool, which enables the user to visit the website again later easily. It has become an alternative for saving social media posts in browser bookmarks and with that you are also enabled to use different platforms’ features to bookmark posts. Since you have those bookmarks online, you are able to access them from anywhere through the internet.

When this concept of bookmarking began it was just a simple resource which was used by content marketers and was used for social media solemnly. With the technology development social bookmarking has become diverse and dynamic through which different communities have also formed in which users discuss links and develop the groups one relevant concept.

How does social bookmarking work?

working of social bookmarking

In this concept of social bookmarking first the discussion topics are categorized into specific threads through users following content which makes them fascinating and builds their interest in the content aggregator. When you are following a particular piece of content on a regular basis you receive notifications on personal feed.

In all, the major step to proceed with social bookmarking sites is to organize discussion topics. It can help you to increase your knowledge too. For a conclusion social bookmarking is an influencing location which inspires to find interested social media, to get the earning backlinks and it do connect the potential influencers to each other. Though there are many popular social networking tools but some of the famous tools are:

1.  Pinterest

2.  Reddit

3.  Dig

Social Bookmarking Sites

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Why use social bookmarking?

why use bookmarking

There are several benefits of social bookmarking. Different companies and social media marketing managers will always love this facility as they can easily find and save cherished content to add to their schedule of publishing.

It is the simplest way through which you can simplify quality content collection and will also speed up social media growth. Many social bookmarking sites help companies and business leaders to search for popular topics, recent topics and topics which are related to a specific issue.

It can also help you to search specific content which is ideal for your brand and audience and you can search easily through a word or a phrase. You get the benefit to seek the target information you want to grasp, accumulate and share. It works similar to a tea strainer which gives the refreshing tea leaving the tea leaves apart, bookmarking gives you the strained information out of the ocean of information on search engines. You get a polished and significant source of encouragement.

Dofollow Vs NoFollow Social bookmarking sites

do follow vs no follow

It links the connectivity through which search engine bots see relationships between different websites. Users travel from one website to another through the dofollow links. Through those dofollow links the user comes across to nofollow links. In differentiating dofollow links and nofollow links, then nofollow links can add value to your website. It is important to understand how to link other websites to you, through this you are able to build a healthy backlink profile for the websites.  

If we look at the technical point of view, then the dofollow and nofollow link differ in the presence of rel= “nofollow” tag.

and if we look at the practical difference then nofollow links do not allow to pass the link equity/ link juice.

Social Bookmarking Step by Step process

There is a correct procedure which you should follow to do social bookmarking through step by step manner. The steps to followed are as following:

Step 1: Select a social bookmarking site

There are a variety of sites and each of them differ from each other in outlook. You work on one particular site as well as on the combination of many. Some of the sites are Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and Stumble Upon. You can create an account on one of these sites, it is all free.

Step 2: Upload links and bookmark pages

Each process has a different procedure in this step. But there is one thing which is similar in all sites, that is you have to cut and paste the desired link into the upload space on your profile of the same site you have chosen.

Step 3: Connect to social media

To make your work easier you can connect your Facebook and Google+ to the social bookmarking site you want to work. This will help you to keep track of your interests.

Step 4: Tag the links

Now you have to tag links when you have uploaded the bookmarks to the site by using the specific keywords or hash tags.

Step 5: Use for SEO

To get more traffic on your site there is a method called SEO, search engine optimization. In social bookmarking you have to use keywords that would land you on the top search results. With that you have to use popular keywords to tag your links. With the help of social bookmarking you will be indicated which keywords are in trend. You just have to tag them and you will be able to see how fast your traffic improves.

Pros of Using Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking may seem to be just a small thing but it is similar to an iceberg. It is fun doing Social Bookmarking. You can generate greater revenue if you have done proper social bookmarking.

With its help you can get the limelight on your website very smoothly and easily. You get many more web crawlers that use the same method. This increases both your rank and traffic too. There are many other benefits of using Social Bookmarking, some are as follow:

Faster Site Indexing


Website Traffic

Social Signals 

Does social bookmarking helps in SEO

Going through this blog will clear your concept about Social Bookmarking, but if you still have questions about how you can use these sites to build more traffic and improve your SERP result in SEO then go and read the following.

Many people who use social bookmarking websites just use it for the sake of posting links. But one of the top listed things they forget is interaction. Therefore, it is clear that if you are using a social bookmarking website to increase traffic you need to be social all the time. To get more traffic to your site follow up:

1.  Generosity to promote others

2.  Connectivity to different people

3.  Promoting useful and relevant content

To out layer all things, you have to focus on others instead of yourself. Therefore, you will get people to follow you, reciprocate the same by sharing, up voting will be there and you will get a link back to your content.  

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Bookmarking Sites

There are many pointers which you should keep in mind during Social Bookmarking.

Do’s of Social Bookmarking Sites:

1.  Do share the URLs of your largest blog on the top bookmarking sites.

2.  Do share your blog URL in the appropriate category so it becomes easy for navigation.

3.  Do like, share and up-vote to other people’s social bookmarks and link to them to make connectivity.

Don’ts of Social Bookmarking sites:

1.  Do not share the same description on your blog in different Social bookmarking sites.

2.  Never share or post spammy links, advertisement links or paid promotion links.

3.  Do not troll someone while you are using the bookmarking sites.

4 Best Practices in Social Bookmarking

Choose Quality Sites

Always Complete Your Profile on Social Bookmarking Sites

Engage with Your Audience

Always use high DA social bookmarking sites

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