Best Search Engine Submission Sites List in 2021

Posted on Jul 12, 2021
Search Engine Submission Sites

Just because you launched your dream website, it doesn’t mean you get ranked by the search engine instantly. 

The search engines need to understand that your website exists, before indexing them.

If your website remains unrecognized by the search engine spider, the user doesn’t find your website when searching.

To be found, there are various ways you can adopt, submit your site to Google to be indexed.

What are Search Engine Submission Sites?

It refers to the procedure by which a request is made to major search engines, for a website to be added to the index.

It includes the method by which the domain name or the URL of the website is provided to any popular search engine, seeking consideration.

Though Google is the most popular and widely accepted search engine, there exist a variety of search engine websites that can be useful to submit the URL of your website.

How to do Search Engine Submission step by step guide

To initiate the manual submission, you can provide your sitemap. 

However, for Yahoo search,  search engine submission is not required.  Now, if your sitemap is not visible, then you can do an alternative method.  You may want to check the robots.txt file. 

Almost every website had its XML sitemaps location in this place.

Now consider the case if you don’t own a sitemap. You needn’t worry about it. 

The following search engine submissions list can help you in this case.

1. Google search console submission

2. Bing webmaster tools submission

3. DuckDuckgo submission

4. Yahoo submission

5. Baidu submission

If you ask, how do you submit your website to Google, then here is the answer.

1. Open the Google Search Console

2. Log in and click “Sitemaps” displayed to the left of the menu.

3. Now copy and paste the URL of your sitemap

4. Finally, choose ‘submit.’

5. Note: Before doing this,  make sure that your website is included and verified in the Google Search Console. 

6. For multiple sitemaps,  you can continue the same process many times. 

Search Engine Submission Sites List

NoWebsiteDALink Type

How to submit an individual page to Google? 

In the URL inspection Google Search Console tool,  give the URL of the site. 

If you get a warning message saying,  the URL isn’t on Google,  then it means that your page is not indexed. 

Now to ask Google to index your page,  you can choose your request indexing option. 

If the sitemap URL exists on Google,  nothing needs to be done.  However,  if you wish to request re-indexing, it can be helpful for Google to perform recrawling and re-indexing the pages quickly. 

Why use Search Engine Submission?

Search Engine Submission Site Uses

There are specific uses of search engine submission as listed below:

Organic Traffic

There is no need to say that your engagement level gets increased with the search engine rankings.  This can help you to build a wide range of users. 

Business Awareness

The URL submission sites can help to create awareness about your brand across the Web.

This way, the people can get an understanding of the products or services you offer whenever they find your site online. 

Increased Exposure

Your businesses can get more exposure with the help of search engine submission. 

You can also benefit by appearing in SERPs when search queries are typed, and make more leads. 

Free Advertising

You can implement advertising and digital marketing of products and services for free. 

More Conversions

When the people are aware of your business,  they will be ready to come to you whenever they are in need. 

This way,  you can earn more profit and improve business income. 

Dofollow Vs NoFollow Search Engine Submission Sites

A NoFollow link means an HTML tag,  which does not initiate any means to follow the link destination. 

This tells the search engines to simply ignore the links provided. 

Whereas a DoFollow link is a type of HTML tag,  which tells the search engines to follow a direct link. 

DoFollow links are organic backlinks as they improve the rank of your website and pages. 

To look and decide on the submission sites that provide you with quality backlinks, you can enable the SEO toolbar or just take a note on the webpage and its HTML source. 

Advantage of Using Image Search Engine Submission Sites 

Adventages Of Submission Sites

With Image submission techniques, you can insert images to your website or blog post. These should be related to the site. You must be careful in image selection,  this involves choosing the perfect image,  an alternative text,  file description and the ideal format. 

Image submissions can be made in two ways: post images on websites directly,  or get your images posted on the websites by image submissions to various submission websites. 

If you want to proceed with image submission,  create an account and post your images as required.

Be careful to Optimize images with SEO, add alt text and sitemaps for more clarity. 

Does Search Engine Submission help in Search Engine Optimization

For a new site,  Search Engine submission services act as the beginning phase of the SEO process. 

This is another way to inform the search engine about the existence of your site and about the necessity to get them recognized and ranked by the search engine. 

After this, Off-Page SEO strategies have been helping to rank the data based on the relevant search term and target keywords. 

Every link built in the perspective of website creation appears in the Search Engine Webmasters profile. This helps to get compared with the competitors and get ranked. 

There is distinguished Webmaster software available for search engines like Google and Bing. Other than the submission of sites,  you can also track the performance with the help of metrics and SEO tools. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Search Engine Submission Sites


1. Submit your sites to popular search engines.

2. Check whether your site is indexed.

3. Provide URLs of individual pages to Google.


1. Don’t ignore the smaller sites, if you wish for a quick submission. 

2. Don’t miss out on any information while sending a submission request. 

3. Never delay requests for reindexing or resubmission. 

7 Best Practices in Search Engine Submission

Best Practices

1. Include Proper Details

Ensure that you include accurate details regarding your site and never make it a confusing search engine submission.

Give proper details like the title of your site,  the keywords,  email,  links and so on. Provide the right information and make it easy and effective.

2. Sign-up before the submission

Sign-ups can guide you in case you require any modifications in the future,  and also you may make changes in the details if you wish to. 

3. Check for the Blocked Indexing 

With the help of a robot.txt file, you can easily grant specific permissions to the specific crawlers.

Thus, the search engines can initiate crawling your site effectively and without any flaws. 

4. Be selective upon the search engine submission sites

When you use popular search engines for submission,  you should be very careful. 

You can go for the search engine submission websites that provide the maximum traffic. 

5. Submit and Resubmit sites

Whenever needed, it is always perfect to submit and resubmit your sites to improve business rankings.

This is because the search engines keep changing and modifying their algorithms. 

6. Update data frequently 

Hence,  ensure that the data is frequently updated and aligned properly.  

Also,  make sure that you retrieve every webpage with a home page. 

7. Choose one site at a time

You may select the preferred sites, but be cautious and choose one website at a time,  and make an account.

After the successful registration, you can submit your site’s URL to the particular site. 

In short, a Search engine submission website helps your business to generate more attention and traffic across the internet. 

To promote a website, search engine submissions play an important role. With this method, the website developers can easily improve the website ranking.