Top Image Submission Sites 2021

Posted on May 31, 2021
image submission sites

What are Image Submission Sites?

Image submission sites are those essential sites which engage traffic, visibility and grouping backlinks. These are beneficial for the business website. Often the website needs more images than the content so that it grabs more attention of the visitors to the site. To induce more audience to the site Image Submission Sites are used. The basic functionality of these sites is to optimize the website. Indeed, the correct procedure is also needed to pursue the benefit of these sites. In the growing technology world, they have become an inbuilt part of SEO as most of the professionals use them to generate more backlinks for their website.

How does Image Submission work?

image submissin working

Image submission can be a great advantage for your website optimization. It doesn’t mean that you have to upload all photos from your website to these sites. You need to do SEO in a professional manner, you have to understand the dynamics of image submission sites and how they are used. These professional tricks will optimize your business promotion and personal site which will eventually increase the online visibility and site ranking.

While you post an image on these sites you have to consider the rank of the page of the image submission site. If you are posting your image on a low ranking site, then it will not optimize your website to a greater extent. Hence look for a site which has higher ranking and can offer quality backlinks.

You don’t have to go much ahead but upload every possible image that you have. It is all about attracting visitors.

Why use Image Submission?

image submission sites uses

Often it is considered that images cannot be a good option for content but if they are optimized cleverly they can be worthier as content, “image content”. When you upload your images on a certain website it will help your website to get better online acquaintances. Who surf the internet always search for the quality images and hence they refer to image submission sites.

Image submission also boosts the online visibility and certainly increases your visibility when your business website is comparatively new. Therefore, if your website has more high quality images and less content no need to worry.

You also get improvisation in a backlink graph that progresses the site ranking of your website. search engines follow up with many quality backlinks to your website. When submitting your quality images on the image submitting sites it gives you more quality backlinks that improves the site ranking.

Image Submission Sites

NoWebsiteDALink type Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
16www.snapfish.com82Do Follow Follow Follow Follow
20www.smugmug.com78Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
32www.clipix.com47Do Follow Follow
34www.chevereto.com47Do Follow Follow Follow
37www.yuuby.com40Do Follow Follow
39www.myphoto.eu29Do Follow Follow Follow
42www.imagehosting.ml4Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
52www.soup.io89Do Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow
67www.keepandshare.com63Do Follow

Dofollow Vs NoFollow Image Submission Sites

1.      Dofollow backlinks are tracked by search engines while nofollow links are not followed by search engine crawlers.

2.      Dofolow links pass the link equity from one website to another but nofollow links can’t pass the link equity or juice link to other websites.

3.      Dofollow links are best when you consider growth and when performance is important while the nofollow links are models for the funded content.

4.      Dofollow links are not used when large scale backlinks are generated but nofollow can’t harm the user experience as the link attributes used with them are not visible to users and website visitors.

How to Do the Image Submission Step by Step process

image submission process

When you are submitting the image SEO then it includes dropping the images on different image sharing websites. While dropping the image it demands to choose the right image, alt text, file format, and description.

There are two ways to do image submission. Either you have to post the images on your website or you have to submit various images one by one on the site. If you want to submit an image on any of these sites, you just have to create an account and post your images.

Image submission will be a failure if you do not optimize it adequately. You should upload those images which are easy to crawl by the search engine.

Pros of Using Image Submission Sites

When you are doing the image submission on different sites it gives you different advantages some of the advantages are as:

1.      Authority Back-links

2.      Referral traffic

3.      Access to the right audience

4.      Hiking the Website Ranking

Do’s and Don’ts of Image Submission Sites

While you are going through the image submission process on different sites you need to take care about different do’s and don’ts, some are written ahead.

1.      Do’s of Image Submission Sites:

·         Always use the accurate image

·         Always use the accurate file format

·         Always use the alternate text

·         Always give operative image description

2.      Don’t of Image Submission Site

·         Never use the copyright images.

·         Never forget to take permission from the creator before posting his/her content.

·         Never rely on attribution to save your image submission.

·         Never use the image providing sites/ stock Photos unless you have paid for it.

6 Best Practices in Image Submission Sites

1.      Image Selection: Choose the images which are related to your business.

2.     Image File Format: Use the common file formats such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF but also consider the compression of data carefully.

3.      Image Optimization: You can reduce the size of the image so that it can be uploaded easily.

4.      File Name: Name the file relevantly that involves the description of image.

5.      Alternative Text: Always give the alt. text so that impaired readers can hear and read distinctly about the image. It is beneficial for SEO too.

6.      Sitemaps: You should create sitemaps so that search engines can advance the info about images.

Does Image Submission help in SEO

seo benefits

Yes, image submission has great advantages for SEO. But for that you have to do the Optimization of the images which are posted on the image submission site correctly.

Is Image Submission relevant in 2021

Yes, it is beneficial in 2021 as this option allows you to get more active on those sites which are doing great business on social platforms. Hence, if you are going to have an Image Submission in 2021 you can go ahead without any difficulty.