Top Article Submission Sites List 2021 To Rank Higher

Posted on Jun 07, 2021
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Article submission sites play an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Let us take a look at it.

What Is An Article Submission Site?

 Article submission platforms assist businesses in publishing and promoting their material on article reading sites. It boosts the website’s search engine ranking while generating visitors.

Working of Article Submission

Article submission is a one-of-a-kind approach for off-page SEO. It connects your site to high domain authority sites and provides dofollow backlinks from focused queries.

Why use Article Submission?

Article Submission is used to gain Increased Traffic, Viral Marketing, Increased profits, build backlinks, Builds Online Reputation. It is a widely used method nowadays and most people use this method to increase their reputation.

How to find an Article Submission website?

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A list of sites with high domain permissions, page permissions and PageRank article obedience will help you do it faster with major search engines. They will also assist you in increasing the worth of your website’s domain authority and page rank.

Article Submission Sites List

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Dofollow Vs NoFollow Article Submission Sites

Dofollow is just a link’s default status. In other words, any link that lacks the nofollow property is a dofollow link. Nofollow links include a little piece of code known as an attribute that instructs search engine bots to not even follow the link. This is what it looks like: rel=“nofollow”.

How to Do the Article Submission Step by Step process?

1. First of all choose a directory and continue to register for an account so as to create your account.

2. To access the article submission form click submit after registration. In each situation, the call to action buttons will be different.

3. Required information, such as the body, category, caption, keywords, and author, as well as the release time and date should be entered.

4.Write the article you wish to submit in the body. Following all the constrictions and demands.

5.Submit the article by pressing on the submit button displayed.

Pros of Using Article Submission Sites

1. Enhance web site ranking in search engines. This can be as a result of PR efforts and also the number of backlinks raised.

2 .You may position yourself as an authority by creating material that gives important insight into the market to which your internet business serves. This also helps to generate interest and raise awareness. It lays a strong foundation of trust between user and future customer. This offers customers a cause to visit your website, enhancing your conversion rate.

3. Contribute to the popularity and brand awareness of your blog or website.

4. May build backlinks with many high DR websites to increase traffic to your blog

Do Free Article Submission Sites pass Link Juice?

No, Free Article Submission sites lack high link juice. Websites with minimal link juice will perform badly in search results. The website will eventually begin to perform better as more links are generated and link juice flows to it. Free websites do not pay for keywords or any other features that lead to increase in Link Juice.

Is Article Submission relevant in 2021?

article submission relevency

Digital marketing is one of the most popular ways to advertise your brand online in today’s digital world. And article submission is significant since it elaborates on the characteristics, quality, and quantity of the goods. In recent years, a slew of article submission websites has sprouted up.

Does Article Submission help in SEO?

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Off-page SEO is accomplished by the submission of articles. It generates traffic by publishing SEO-optimized content to well-known article submission directories. It is a long-term SEO activity that assists in increasing backlinks and increasing the PageRank of the website or blog.

Do’s and Don’ts of Article Submission Sites

• Do’s of Article Submission Sites:

1. Do Write Long Form Content for Your Target Audience

2. Make use of bullets and numbers.

3. Include a call to action.

4.Before you publish, double-check your work

• Don’ts of Article Submission Sites:

1. Don’t Ignore Research

2. Use of Copyrighted Images Is Prohibited

3. Don’t be boring and uninteresting.

4. Make things as simple as possible.

5. Plagiarism is not tolerated.

7 Best Practices in Article Submission Sites

1. Having a Good Link Juice Supply

2. Interconnecting high quality and high DR websites.

3. Providing the author exclusive ownership of the material.

4. Quality-conscious, operationally efficient, and metric-driven.

5. Visibility- The visibility of the content posted should be broad.

6. Impact- The audience who interact with the content should be large.

7. No hidden Constraints